How to Get the Best Dedicated Server for Your Site

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best dedicated server

If you want to get the best dedicated server for your site, you’ll need to consider more than just its price. There are a few things to consider before making your choice, such as uptime, scripting capabilities, and more.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a company that provides a range of hosting services. This includes dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and managed VPS hosting. These servers are ideal for businesses that need mission-critical performance. They also offer reseller web hosting packages.

Dedicated servers from Liquid Web start at 16GB of RAM. Their data centers are located in the US and the Netherlands. Whether you choose a Windows or Linux-based server, you’ll receive DDoS protection and intrusion detection for free. You’ll also get a free dedicated IP for your server.

Cloud hosting from Liquid Web starts at $149 per month. The service includes 5TB of monthly data transfers. It also comes with up to 452GB of storage.

Genesis Adaptive

If you have high performance applications that require a lot of memory and processing power, a Genesis Adaptive dedicated server may be the solution for you. These servers feature a number of customizable features designed to enhance user experience.

Genesis Adaptive has been providing high performance dedicated server hosting services for over a decade. The company operates six data centers in the United States, and one in Europe. They also provide custom hosting solutions and IT consulting.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to host your application, a Genesis Adaptive dedicated server is an ideal choice. These servers are built for a wide range of applications. This makes them a great solution for business critical systems. Whether you are looking to run a high-traffic blog, manage databases, or conduct online marketing, Genesis Adaptive’s platform-dedicated solutions can help you achieve your goals.


CloudLinux is a scalable and secure hosting platform that improves performance and provides a more stable environment. It is designed for shared hosting environments, but also works well on dedicated servers. With its innovative features, it helps web hosting providers optimize resource usage and security for their users.

CloudLinux features a LightWeight Virtual Environment (LVE) that provides users with the power to control their resources. This allows for an optimized server environment and also ensures optimal memory and CPU usage.

This advanced technology also protects each user from attacks by providing a virtual separation layer that separates individual accounts over a shared server. This prevents the risk of a compromised account affecting other accounts and causing a website to be hacked.

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare CDN is one of the most popular content delivery networks (CDN). It offers a variety of services to improve the performance and security of websites. A CDN, which stands for content delivery network, stores a website’s content on multiple servers so that it can deliver it to users. Using a CDN, your website will be delivered more efficiently and can also be protected from DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare is a global, content delivery network that provides a wide range of services for web owners and business professionals. From site optimization to SSL certificates, there’s something for everyone.

Unlike traditional web hosting companies, Cloudflare offers an array of features that help optimize your website’s performance. It’s free to get started, but you can also upgrade to a paid plan. For $20 a month, you’ll receive advanced performance, image optimization, and WAF.

Pre-installed scripts

A good dedicated server will offer you a number of benefits such as root access, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and the freedom to choose a server location of your choosing. The aforementioned amenities are alluring but not all are created equal. Choosing a dedicated server is all about finding the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Having a dedicated server can be a very expensive decision but a little bit of shopping around can ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a dedicated server, check out our server comparison guide to find the best deal on the web.

Uptime and downtime

When evaluating a dedicated server, one must consider uptime. Uptime is the time that your site or web app is online. It is also a measure of how reliable a web hosting provider is.

While it’s true that customers expect to be able to access your website and use your services, downtime can frustrate visitors, and slash your sales. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to make sure your service stays up most of the time.

The best way to achieve uptime is to find a reliable hosting company with a proven track record. You will want to check the fine print to ensure your uptime is covered under your contract.

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